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Dear all,

Thông tin em mới nhận được, sắp tới sẽ có sự kiện “Airshow 2012” rất tưng bừng tại sân bay Komatsu

Thời gian: 7:45~15:30 ngày 23.9.2012

Địa điểm: sân bay Komatsu

Enjoy nhé các AE.. hehee…

More info: click here

P/s: Thank Mr. Phan Đình Hải (Nomi-shi) về thông tin hấp dẫn

In Kenrokuen garden, 420 cherry trees of 40 different kinds burst into bloom.

Admission to the garden is free from morning till night for one week during the time of cherry-blossom viewing.

The free admission period will be determined only a few days in advance.

According to the current weather forecast, the blossoms in Kanazawa will come into bloom on April 4 and become in full bloom April 9.

Blooming forecast: Cherry blossoms will come into bloom on April 7 and get in full bloom on April 11 and be at their best for 4 days thereafter.

Kenrokuen Garden: Ordinary admission is 7:00-18:00 and its fee is 300 yen for adults and 100 yen for schoolchildren. Free admission is 7:00-21:30.

Kanazawa Castle Park: Same as Kenrokuen. The same admission fee is required only for a few special buildings.

More info:


Kenrokuen Garden and Circumference of Kanazawa Castle Park

Around Kanazawa Station, Musashigatsuji, and Owari-cho